Are you MISSING OUT on profitable deals because you’re spending HOURS trying to find accurate comps?

Do those comps STILL leave you feeling UNCERTAIN about potential profits and the MAX PRICE you should pay?

Then STOP the madness and start using our proprietary
“Smart Map After Repair Value (ARV) Comping System”

Save valuable time!
Protect your profits!


Whether you’re wanting to Fix & Flip or Buy & Hold, you MUST know the “true” After Repaired Value in order to calculate the maximum you should pay for any given property. Sure, other comping systems will let you generate comps, but I hope you have A LOT of extra time on your hands.

Our system AUTOMATICALLY provides you with the 3 highest available comps that have already been REMODELED and SOLD. Now you’ll know exactly what that property could be worth, BEFORE you buy it!

The Smart Map ARV Comping System will help you:

  • Instantly determine the ARV of any on market (MLS) or off market property.
  • Instantly determine the ARV of any property after adding square footage,
    adding a garage or even a swimming pool.
  • Instantly comp a new build on vacant land.
  • Instantly provide you with access to accurate rental comps and actual rental prices.
  • Instantly calculate your fix & flip or buy & hold return on investment (ROI).
  • Instantly create unlimited Investor Reports.
  • Instantly create unlimited CMA Reports.
  • Instantly access comps for every property on the MLS to determine whether a property is a deal or not.


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